Alternative Tourism


Mastiha is exclusively produced on the island of Chios. See this unique product up close and collect it directly from the tree,under the guidance of local experienced growers.


Explore every inch of the island on foot! An extensive network of hiking trails that will take you to high peaks, perennial trees, atchtowers, secluded beaches, old scenic villages and historic sites.

Cave visits

The impressive cave of Olympoi and the cave of Agio Galas with the great archeological importance are two prime examples of the island's great geological interest.

Orchids and "LALADES"

The unique lalades (Chian tulips) and over 70 species of orchids set up a stunning backdrop around the scenic chapels of the area. Enjoy an unforgettable morning close to nature and the rare Chian flora.


Get ready to discover the secrets of the Aegean, away from the bustling city life. Get to know our island, by enjoying short or longer cruises with sailing boats and visit isolated beaches and secluded coves, the cluster of Oinousses and the nearby island of Psara.